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hello guys.. welcome to ferrafarra's place.. here, u can get make-up services at a price u can afford.. any enquiries? just text/call/email me & i will reply A.S.A.P thanx.. love, ferrafarra. ;)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

hi peeps! sorry for late update.. sgt bz dgn make up job n my business too. alhamdulillah. anyway, this 1 is the latest one.. i mekap kan die utk nikah, bersanding n also bertandang. thank u zati.u r such a pretty lady!so, sape2 memerlukan make up artist.. bole terus call i.. 0123995712/0105777689 tenkiuss.enjoy!

- sebelum mendapat sentuhan magis.. cewahh!

- nikah. sweet x?hehe..

- bersanding & bertandang.
so darla, pls leave ur comment!

i love make up!i love colours!i love my works!

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